From early 78s, to vinyl LPs, to audiocassettes, to CDs, the Harvard Krokodiloes have published nearly forty recordings since their founding in 1946. Here is a listing of the Krokodiloes’ most recent albums:

Kroks & Robbers, 2014, CD

Easy Being Green, 2012, CD

12th Man, 2010, CD

The 60th Anniverary Album, 2006, CD

A Rambling Notion, 2004, CD

Kroks Live in Japan, 2004, CD

Krokodile Tears, 2002, CD

Krokodile Tears

Leaving Home, 2001, CD

Leaving Home

Black Tie Affair, 2000, CD

Black Tie Affair

Downstairs at the Upstairs Bar, 1999, CD

Downstairs at the Upstairs Bar

50th Anniversary, 1997, CD

50th Anniversary

12 Holyoke St., 1995, CD

12 Holyoke Street

Cantabrigian Tales, 1994, CD

Cantabrigian Tales

Shades of Green, 1992

Shades of Green

Krokodilarium, 1989, CD, $10

Back in the Square, 1986, LP, $30

Par Avion, 1982, LP, $30