Bermuda 2013 Photos

The Kroks of 2013 visited Bermuda from March 16 through March 24th, singing at different restaurants and resorts all over the island, as well as at the Anglican Cathedral for the Annual charity concert with the Radcliffe Pitches. Below are photos from the trip:

Kroks Sing Loch

The Kroks sing Loch Lomond for one of our homestays on March 23rd

Kroks with Name Girl

The Kroks after a performance with one of our adoring fans

Kroks Play Volleyball

The Kroks playing volleyball against the Hasty Pudding Theatricals at the annual BBQ

Kroks Win Volleyball 

Kroks win!

Kroks dine in Bermuda

Here, Parker Grayson, Ketan Ramakrishnan, and Zak Fletcher listen intently during a conversation at dinner.


Kroks Relax before a Gig

The Kroks relax at Coral Beach Club before our final gig