Dave Edgar ’49 (’52)

Dave Edgar ’49 (’52) (1925–2001)


Dave Edgar ’49 (’52) (1925–2001) David directed the group in 1947–48 and arranged a novelty song called “Get Out and Get Under,” which has survived for over 50 years, as “Johnny O’Connor.” The song is on the first Krok recording, “Songs of the Krokodiloes,” along with David’s other wonderful arrangements, “Chinatown, My Chinatown,” “Where or When,” and “Moonglow.” After Harvard, David continued pursuing his passion for education and performance. In the Concord Players, he served as actor, producer, stage manager, and musical director. He became Headmaster of the Fenn School and remained an Educational Counselor during his last years there. Many of us recall Dave’s spirited conducting of “Johnny O” at the Krok 50th, for an alum group that filled the Sanders stage.

Personal tributes:

Frank Cabot ’49: Dave appeared as the initial Krok group was formed and produced our arrangement of “Johnny O’Connor.” He also arranged the bizarre “Strange Fruit,” which invariably turned off the audience. He did his best to cope with a pretty undisciplined (and mostly untalented) group!

Hugh Fortmiller ’56: I always considered David the Krok founder, but I never heard him make that claim. For 45 years we both worked at Concord schools — he at Fenn (where he was headmaster for a time), and I at Middlesex (as director of theatre and associate head). After Fenn, David was the best school placement person in the area. I sent many families to him for help. He always retained his dry wit and humanity. I miss him.

Swift Edgar ’07: Unfortunately, I didn’t know my great-uncle well. I met him at a wedding when I was ten, and he was kind, and taught me how to make a water balloon out of a piece of paper. My father and his brother were both touched when Kroks showed up at Uncle David’s funeral. It was good for them to learn that this singing group was something quite special.