Guy Lacrosby ’86

Guy Mohundus LaCrosby (1964-2010)

Born: July 7, 1964

Died: October 29, 2010, Los Angeles

AB Harvard College ‘86

Krok ‘86

Guy was originally from San Francisco, CA, he was a member of the class of 1986, and he spent most of his time after Harvard in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, where he died in 2010.

Guy was an immensely creative person. He was a multi-talented person who lit up Harvard’s art, music, and social scenes. Even within his own concentration, Visual and Environmental Studies, Guy was unusually diverse in his talents. He simultaneously produced a thesis in the visual arts (painting) as well as extensive works in film. I worked in the painting studio across the hall from Guy during our senior year, and I can attest to his amazing energy and vitality. It is not easy to produce a serious body of paintings while at Harvard College and singing in the Kroks—I  actually dropped out of the Kroks my senior year for this reason. Meanwhile, Guy produced two or three times as many paintings as most of us, he sang in the Kroks, and he produced significant film making projects. He was also active in musical theater and a frequent participant in coffee house musical performances.

For all this creativity and dynamism, Guy was a much loved member of our class. He was also loved because he was kind, considerate, sensitive to others’ feelings, and a true gentleman.

I lost touch with Guy after graduation, as I believe many of us did. I believe that Guy struggled with mental health problems and he never really found a stable life after college. He was exceptionally close to his mother, and her passing just before our graduation in 1986 had a powerful effect on him. He lived mainly is Los Angeles and Santa Monica, often living with family and friends, and at times he was homeless. I think that many of us found Guy to be of another world—private, yet explosively creative—a truly uncommon soul in our all too normal society. Perhaps this world wasn’t good enough for Guy, and he is better off in an angelic realm.

-Phil Harrison ’86