Song Samples

The Krokodiloes have hundreds of songs in their repertoire. Check out the following samples!


From the Kroks’ newest album, Kroks & Robbers, released this year, featuring the Kroks of 2014:

Play Happy Together

Arrangement by Jesse Wong ’12, solo by Russell Horton ’14

Play When I Fall In Love

Arrangement by Cole Dutcher ’10, solo by Robert Kim ’17

Play Take Five

Arrangement by Josh Bean ’16, solo by Joshuah Campbell ’16

Black Tie Affair


Alongside these new Krok gems, it would be a shame not to include classic Krok songs from timeless Krok albums. The Kroks open every concert with a rousing rendition of the 1946 classic, House of Blue Lights, here a recording from the 1999 album Black Tie Affair.

Play House of Blue Lights



Besides House of Blue Lights, the Kroks are well-known for their ballads, which feature the Kroks’ signature blend. Besides Loch Lomond, the Scottish folk song the Kroks perform every year, the Kroks have a slew of stunning ballads. Particularly dear is Danny Boy, as performed on the 1995 release 12 Holyoke Street, Serenade in Blue, from the 60th Anniversary album, and Wayfaring Stranger, featured on the 50th Anniversary album.

Play Danny Boy


Play Serenade In Blue


Play Wayfaring Stranger
And yet, the Kroks are all about contrast. In addition to our folk songs and jazz standards, the Kroks specialize in 1950s and 1960s popular music, as exemplified by one of our signature songs, Runaway, below from the 50th Anniversary album, as well as the 1959 classic Love Potion #9 from the 60th Anniversary album.


Play Runaway


Play Love Potion #9


And, of course, how can one forget the jazz standards that are a fundamental part of the Krok repertoire. Both fast and slow, upbeat and contemplative, these songs, drawn from the Great American Songbook, exemplify the virtuosic Krok sound. Included below is In the Mood from the 1999 Black Tie Affair, Everytime We Say Goodbye from the 2002 album Krokodile Tears, and (That Old) Black Magic from the the 60th Anniversary album. 


Play In The Mood


Play Everytime We Say Goodbye


Play Black Magic