W. Clarke Hudson ’60

Clark and I worked together very closely our senior year, he as Manager, I as director, and we both sang simultaneously in the Glee Club.  We also tried to form a semi-professional quartet the summer we graduated, and rehearsed for a solid week in Clark’s house in PA.  (His parents were saints to put us up and feed us.)   He then went on to study voice briefly at New England Conservatory before he and I both ended up in the military not much later–he in the Army, I via OCS in the Navy–in those active draft years.  I was on a base in Charleston, SC, in November 1962 when I got the awful news that Clark and friends had been killed in a car crash as he was driving home to Paoli, PA with some other soldiers for Thanksgiving in 1962.  I have missed him dearly ever since. 

–Fred Ford ‘60