The Harvard Krokodiloes have appeared four times at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.



The Kroks had a long and rewarding relationship with the late Maestro Leonard Bernstein ’39, who composed original music for the group and wrote the following: “The Harvard Krokodiloes have the gift of warming one’s soul and enriching one’s day. I cannot praise too highly their musicality, versatility, sense of style, and dedication to excellence.” An honorary Krok, Bernstein penned the original song “Screwed on Wrong” for the group in 1981.



The beloved Krok-in-the-pot logo was originally inspired by an image, drawn by none other than Fred Gwynne ’51, which graced the cover of the first Krok album:

Gwynne Krok Logo

The image was simplified by Arthur Nichols ’48 into a logo that the Kroks used for nearly 30 years:

It was the artistic inspiration of Alan Wachman ’80 to give the Krok some added presence and whimsy (not to mention a hefty stein of brew), yielding the familiar symbol we know and love today:


Audition for the Kroks of 2015!

Audition to become a member of the Harvard Krokodiloes of 2015! Preliminary auditions will be held at the following locations and times:

Saturday, September 6: 1-4 PM in Holden Chapel 
Sunday, September 7: 1-4 PM in Farkas Hall Room 203
Monday, September 8: 6-9 PM in Farkas Hall Room 203

New Kroks can look forward to over a hundred domestic performances throughout the year, as well as a two-week tour during Winter Break, and an electrifying trip to Bermuda over Spring Break. During the summer of 2015, the Kroks will embark on their 33rd annual, all-expenses-paid World Tour, spanning five continents!  Last year, the Kroks had the pleasure of singing for the Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year, Dame Hellen Mirren; Quentin Bryce, the Governor-General of Australia; Grammy Award-winning artist LL Cool J; and Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India!

Auditionees should prepare a short solo (1-2 minutes) without any accompaniment. There will be brief range-testing and pitch-matching exercises, as well as an optional sight-reading exercise. Callbacks will take place later in the week. If you have any questions about the Kroks or the audition process, please contact General Manager Andrew Hausmann at


The Krokodiloes are proud to announce that videos from the Kroks’ Spring Jam in March have now been added to the Kroks’ Youtube channel. Here is K’14 singing “Cloudburst,” featuring Josh Bean & Joshuah Campbell ’16:

New Album!

Click here to listen to two advance tracks from our upcoming album, Kroks & Robbers, and contact us at to order your copy today!



The Krokodiloes of 2014 are delighted to announce the itinerary for our 32nd annual World Tour, spanning over 10 weeks this summer, beginning May 29!

Our itinerary is as follows:

May 30-June 5: Hangzhou, China
June 5-13: Taiwan
June 14-15 and 19-24: Tokyo, Japan
June 16-18: Nara Prefecture, Japan
June 24-30: Shanghai, China
June 30-July 2: Macau
July 2-6: Hong Kong
July 7-11: Sydney, Australia
July 11-15: Melbourne, Australia
July 16-18: Istanbul, Turkey
July 19-21: Izmir, Turkey
July 22-24: Brussels, Belgium
July 25-28: Sayn, Germany
July 29-August 1: Bolgheri, Italy
August 2-6: Lugano, Switzerland

For more information on booking the Kroks or our tour schedule, please email us at


Kroks in Bristol, RI

The Kroks will be performing this Saturday, April 26 at 8:00 PM at St. Michael’s Church in Bristol, RI! If you missed our concert here at Sanders Theatre a few weeks ago, this is your chance to see the Kroks of 2014 live! Check out the poster below for more details.


Officers of the Kroks of 2014-2015

Congratulations are in order for the newly elected officers of the Krokodiloes of 2014-2015:

General Manager: Andrew Hausmann ’15
Music Director: Robert Kim ’17
Tour Managers: Bobby Flitsch ’15 and Michael Paladino ’17

All the best to these gentlemen as they look forward to leading the group next year. 

Audition for the Kroks of 2015!

The Krokodiloes invite any and all eligible singers to audition for the Kroks of 2015 this weekend! Any degree-seeking male freshman, sophomore, or junior at Harvard College may audition at Farkas Hall during the times below:

Saturday, April 5, 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Sunday, April 6, 7:00 – 10:00 PM

New members of the Krokodiloes can look forward to over 100 domestic performances during the school year, in addition to the group’s annual January Tour, Spring Break Tour to Bermuda, and Summer World Tour to over a dozen countries around the globe.

Auditionees should prepare a short solo (1-2 minutes) without accompaniment. Auditionees will also be asked to perform brief range-testing and pitch-matching exercises, as well as an optional sight-reading exercise. If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact General Manager Ben Marek at

Kroks' Winter Tour 2014

This year, the Kroks will embark on their first-ever European Winter Tour! Check out the itinerary below, and stay tuned for updates on our public performances!

January 4-7: New York City
January 8-10: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
January 11-14: Paris, France
January 15-18: Berlin, Germany 


The Krokodiloes are proud to announce that videos from the Kroks’ Fall Jam in November have now been added to the Kroks’ Youtube channel.

Here is K’14 singing “L-O-V-E” with soloist Eric Bersin ’14:

Kroks, Yale Whiffenpoofs, and Radcliffe Pitches in Concert!

If you’re going to be in New Haven for the 130th annual Harvard-Yale football game, then don’t miss out on this fantastic show! The Kroks will be performing alongside the Yale Whiffenpoofs and our sister group, the Radcliffe Pitches, at 8:00 PM on Saturday, November 23 at Center Church on the Green (250 Temple Street, New Haven, CT).

Tickets start at just $5 and can be purchased here.

And for more information about the show, check out the Facebook event page here.

We hope to see you there, and Go Crimson!

Kroks and Harvard Opportunes in Concert!

The Kroks will take the stage for our annual fall concert this Friday, November 8 at 8:00 PM in Sanders Theatre! Joining us will be the Harvard Opportunes, one of Harvard’s premier co-ed a cappella groups, for an evening of song entitled “Kropps: A Harvest Jam.” Our set will feature the debuts of never-before-heard arrangements by Krok alums Todd Fletcher ’91, Stu Malina ’84, Peter Mansfield ’76, and Jesse Wong ’12, along with plenty of old favorites. You won’t want to miss this special evening!

For tickets, email us at or visit the Harvard Box Office’s website by clicking here. We hope to see you Friday!


The Kroks are pleased to welcome our newest members:

Robert Kim ’17
Arvind Narayanan ’16
Mike Paladino ’17 
Laszlo Seress ’14
Peter Wu ’16

We are excited to welcome these talented singers to the Krok family.


The Kroks of 2013 are pleased to announce their 5 continent, 11 country world tour, which they are excited to begin on May 31st!

Our current itinerary is as follows:

May 31-June 6: Hong Kong
June 6-14: Taiwan
June 14-20: Tokyo, Japan
June 20-23: Gifu, Japan
June 23-26: Inner Mongolia, China
June 26-30: Hunan, China
June 30-July 5: Shanghai, China
July 6-8: Sydney, Australia
July 8-10: Canberra, Australia
July 10-13: Sydney
July 13-17: Melbourne, Australia
July 18-20: Mumbai, India
July 20-22: Delhi, India
July 22-25: Bolgheri, Italy
July 26-29: Sayn, Germany
July 29-August 1: Budapest, Hungary
August 1-4: Oxford, United Kingdom
August 4-7: Bogotá, Colombia
August 7-10: Costa Rica

For more information on booking the Kroks or for additional information about our concerts in any of these venues, please visit our bookings page, or email us at


The Krokodiloes are proud to announce that videos from the Kroks’ 65th Anniversary Jam in April 2011 have now been added to the Kroks’ Youtube channel. In addition to the Kroks of 2011′s magnificent performance, alumni groups from as far back as the 1960s celebrated classic Krok arrangements in an unforgettable evening for all.

Here is K’11 performing “Good Lovin’” with soloist B.A. Sillah:


To see all of the videos from the 65th Anniversary Jam, as well as newer videos from the Kroks of 2013, visit the Kroks Youtube channel.


On Sunday, the Kroks returned from beautiful Bermuda, after spending eight days relaxing on the island’s sunny beaches and polishing our spring repertoire.

If you missed us, no worries! You can still enjoy pictures of the Kroks from around the island in our photo album here. Below is a photo of the Kroks singing Loch Lomond on Saturday for one of our homestays. 

Kroks sing Loch in Bermuda

As for the Kroks, although we are sad to leave Bermuda, we are excited for the upcoming Spring Jam with the Radcliffe Pitches in Sanders Theater on April 12th! Visit our schedule page for more details.


The Harvard Krokodiloes of 2013 put a new spin on their classic “House of Blue Lights” in this video which opened the PGA of America Awards Ceremony, held on January 24, 2013 in Orlando Florida. Enjoy the video, courtesy of the PGA of America!


The Kroks recently performed for Marion Cotillard, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ 2013 Woman of the Year. Here, Daniel Du Comb ’13 serenades a swooning Marion with “What’s Your Name?”. Additional videos from the performance can be seen on the Kroks Youtube channel here.



The Kroks recently performed for Keifer Sutherland, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ 2013 Man of the Year. Braving the blizzard conditions, the Kroks and friends from the Theatricals gathered at the Charles Hotel for an evening of music and laughter. Here, Benjamin Ory ’14 hams it up with the 24 star.


Keeping up with the Kroks can be tricky — they tend to move around a lot. Fortunately, the Kroks have a few convenient ways for you to follow them on their globetrotting tours and local appearances. Just hunt them down on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


On April 23rd, 2014, the Kroks had the pleasure of singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park, opening for a 5-1 victory over the New York Yankees!



Over the past two months, the Kroks have spent countless hours at The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge, MA, laying down a number of new tracks for their upcoming summer album. The Kroks would like to thank Alex Allinson and all of the fantastic folks over at The Bridge for their expertise and support in making this album come to life!


Bernstein 82

George Overholser ’82, Frank Chaiken ’83, and Gordon Bloom ’82 discuss the finer points of “Doot’n Dooba” with Maestro Leonard Bernstein.