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Since the group’s founding in 1946, touring has always been a defining characteristic of the Krokodiloes. Traveling within the United States during the academic year is commonplace for the Krok journeyman, but it is during the spring and summer months that touring becomes a truly global activity.


For some three decades, the Kroks have spent their spring vacations basking in the sun on Bermuda’s beautiful beaches. Each summer the Krokodiloes circumnavigate the globe on an annual, self-funded world tour. From Bangkok to Buenos Aires, from Nairobi to New Delhi, and from Scotland to Seoul, the Kroks continue to bring the classic songs of America’s Golden Age of music to audiences around the world. For members, all of this is free.


The Kroks are always interested in meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones during our travels abroad.  For more information on booking the Kroks or our tour schedule, please email us at We hope to hear from you!

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